Agenda item

Local Growth Deal Programme Update and Approvals (KEY DECISION)


Report of Andy Burnham, GM Mayor.




1.      That the current position in relation to the overall Growth Deal programme, which was now in the final year of delivery be noted.


2.      That the proposal to utilise the financial flexibilities available to GM, in order to bring new projects into the Local Growth Fund portfolio (as set out in Section 2 of the report) and the amendment of the funding structure of the current LGF projects in order to fully commit and spend LGF funding by March 2021, as set out in Appendix A, C and D be approved.


3.      That the financial and delivery arrangements for the Transport Major Schemes programme as a whole, as set out in Section 3 and Appendix A of the report, be approved.


4.      That the expenditure approvals for the full Transport Minor Works and Additional Priorities Programmes, as set out in Section 4 and Appendix B of the report, be agreed.


5.      That the granting of Full Approval for the Rochdale M62 J19 (South Heywood Link Road) scheme, and the associated release of the remaining funding required to deliver these works, as set out in Section 5 of the report, be approved.


6.      That it be noted that the remaining £6.868 million of Growth Deal 1 funding and the allocation and release of £3.0 million of Growth Deal 3 Northern Gateway funding, when combined with the £0.428 million of development funding previously released,  will amount to an overall Growth Deal investment of £10.296 million.


7.      That the release of £1.9 million of Growth Deal 3 funding, to facilitate the delivery of an advanced works package on the Wigan M58 Link Road scheme, as set out in Section 6 of the report, be approved.


8.      That Full Approval for the Stockport Interchange Mixed Use scheme, and the release of the outstanding £20 million of the overall Growth Deal allocation of £61.7 million for the scheme that is required to deliver these works, as set out in Section 7 of the report, be approved.


9.      That the reallocation from the Great Ancoats Street scheme of £1.2 million funding to the Hyde Road Pinch Point scheme and £1 million of contingency allowance to the Regent Road/Water Street scheme, as set out in Section 8 of the report, be approved.


10.  That the current position of the Non Transport element of the original programme, which was now fully committed, as set out in section 9 of the report, be noted.


11.  That the final skills capital round (round 3) of £1.78 million, as set out in section 10 of this report be approved for conditional approval to progress to due diligence as follows:


a)      Bury College, Estate Refurbishment, Grant £70k

b)      Hopwood Hall College, Advanced Technology Centre, Grant £1.71m

12.  That authority be delegated to the GMCA Treasurer and GMCA Monitoring Officer to review the due diligence information and, subject to GM Local Enterprise Partnership approval (scheduled for early August), to agree detailed commercial terms, any outstanding conditions and issue final documentation in respect of the grants in 9 a) and b) above.


13.  That it be noted that full approval of this report will result in the full commitment of the whole of the £493.5 million Growth Deal grant, awarded over three Growth Deals to the GM LEP from 2015-2021 for capital projects, and put GM on track to spend all of the £493.5 million LGF funding by March 2021.


14.  That the Chief Executive Officer, GMCA & TfGM to confirm the status of the Hattersley Station / Albion Way scheme within current Local Growth Deal Programme.





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