Issue - decisions

Homelessness Budget Paper

30/05/2022 - Homelessness Budget

1.     That the funding allocations for the following programmes be noted:


a)      GM Community Accommodation Service Tier 3 - 2022/23-2026/27

b)      GM Rough Sleeper Accommodation Programme 2022/23-2024/25 Support Specification

c)      GM Rough Sleeper Initiative 2022/23-2024/25 (following final funding confirmation)

d)      GM Housing First Pilot extension 2022/23-2023/24 


2.            That authority be delegated to the GMCA Treasurer, in consultation with the Greater Manchester Mayor and Portfolio Lead for Housing, Homelessness and Infrastructure, to:


a)     Administer the grants through onward grant allocations and contract awards under standard procurement rules.   

b)     Revise the 2022/23 GMCA revenue budget and medium-term financial plan for future years budget plans.


a)      That the GMCA records its thanks to Chris Edwards, Regional Probation Director for the Greater Manchester Probation Service or Devolution of Justice & Rehabilitation to Greater Manchester.