Issue - decisions

Greater Manchester Active Travel Programme

01/08/2022 - Greater Manchester Active Travel Programme

1.          That the release of £2,118,033 of Mayor’s Cycling & Walking Fund funding for Phase 2 of the Greater Manchester Bee Network Crossings scheme, as set out in section 2 of the report, in order to secure full approval and enable continued scheme delivery through the signing of the necessary supporting legal agreement, be approved. 


2.          That the planned governance and approvals approach regarding management of the £13.07 million Active Travel Fund (Tranche 3) programme for GM, following its addition to the 2022/23 Capital Programme at the May 27 GMCA meeting, be noted.


3.          That Dame Sarah Storey be requested to attend the GMCA in the autumn to discuss what ‘refreshing the mission’ would look like and how best to work with Leaders on the Active Travel programmes.