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PCC - GBV Victims and Survivors / Lived Experience Panel

24/11/2022 - PCC - GBV Victims and Survivors / Lived Experience Panel

To support the stated central tenet of the GM Gender-Based Violence Strategy, namely that we are clear that we will only be truly successful in our endeavour by having those with lived experience at the very heart of everything we do.
We will provide £100k funding over 2 years via grant to a partner organisation/s to run, develop and facilitate the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Panel of Lived Experience. This will support the work of the GBV Board and the delivery of the GBV Strategy.

Following discussions with key stakeholders within GM we want to undertake a tailored process to appointing a panel. This will be a bespoke, collaborative approach with an independent coordinating and facilitating organisation an organisation that will take cognisance of the GM landscape in relation to specialist services around gender-based violence.

We will look to an independent, impartial organisation to undertake the management, facilitation and recruitment to the panel. It will be made clear that the panel’s membership will need to reflect the wide-ranging nature of gender-based violence and the diversity of Greater Manchester’s communities. The organisation appointed will also be responsible for managing expenses payments for members of the Panel who are giving up their time to contribute. This will cover the costs associated with involvement in the panel, for example travel costs.

The organisation will need to articulate and identify how they will work with the VCSE sector in Greater Manchester to deliver aspects of the GBV Lived Experience Panel. This may cover areas such as welfare/emotional support and clinical supervision for Panel members, identification of panel members and the relevant expertise in supporting people with lived experience of gender-based violence.

The independent facilitating organisation will bring this together and provide all secretariat functions so will be an expert in partnership working and community engagement.

The funding will be allocated via an expression of interest process which will be sent out to relevant partners and stakeholders. £30k will be allocated for the coordination and running of the panel and £20k for the support element.

Once an organisation has been appointed a further decision notice will be submitted to seek final approval.

Consideration of going out to market has been undertaken and due to the specialist requirements for this panel it has been agreed that a tailored approach can be progressed.