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PCC DN - GMP and GMCA Drug Framework and Delivery Plan

13/01/2023 - PCC DN - GMP and GMCA Drug Framework and Delivery Plan

The decision is that:
GMCA and GMP will jointly fund consultancy work led by Jason Kew to develop a GMP and GMCA Drug Framework and Delivery Plan.

The cost of 10 days of Jason Kew’s services will be £4,750 inclusive of all expenses and taxes.

An Asset Recovery Incentivisation Scheme (ARIS) bid has been approved by GMP for £2,375 (half the total costs). Matched funding of £2,375 will be provided by GMCA.

It is proposed that that over a period of two months he will:

• Work alongside Mark Knight the Strategic Lead for Substance Misuse at GMCA, who is fully sighted and supportive of this proposal and bid;
• Conduct research into existing drug strategies, and align recommendations with national and regional GMP and GMCA strategic objectives;
• Consult with the National Police Chief Council Drugs Lead (Mark Lay, who has agreed to work with Jason) as well as regional drugs leads and experts from ISSUP (International Society for Substance Use Professionals) and other academic and medical expert forums, to identify solutions and innovative approaches not already considered by existing drug strategies; and
• Engage at every opportunity with people with lived experience and draw upon the knowledge and experience of those people to shape the delivery of the final framework, attending either in person or remotely (where permitted), strategic, stakeholder, and community meetings.