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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
PCC DN - Salford Council - STEER funded by YEF ref: 209208/06/202308/06/2023Not for call-in
PCC DN - Accommodation for VRU Victims Lead ref: 208908/06/202308/06/2023Not for call-in
PCC DN - Deaf Awareness taster session ref: 208808/06/202308/06/2023Not for call-in
PCC DN - Venue for GBV Board ref: 207708/06/202308/06/2023Not for call-in
PCC DN - Venue Hire and Catering for RASSO away day ref: 207608/06/202308/06/2023Not for call-in
PCC DN - Venue Booking and Catering- VRU Away Day (Amendment) ref: 207308/06/202308/06/2023Not for call-in
GMP DN - A0973 Command and Control System (Controlworks) ref: 207107/06/202307/06/2023Not for call-in
GMP DN - A0950 Microsoft Licences ref: 207007/06/202307/06/2023Not for call-in
GMP DN - A0964 The Provision Of Building Services Maintenance & Installation (HEVAC), ref: 206907/06/202307/06/2023Not for call-in
GMP DN - A0975 Auction House Services ref: 206807/06/202307/06/2023Not for call-in
PCC DN - SHiFT delivery – VRU intervention in Manchester ref: 202705/06/202305/06/2023Not for call-in
PCC DN - Programme Challenger’s We Move Mentoring project ref: 202601/06/202301/06/2023Not for call-in
PCC DN - Unity Radio ads - TfGM ref: 202501/06/202301/06/2023Not for call-in
PCC DN - UniteHer 2023 ref: 202401/06/202301/06/2023Not for call-in
PCC DN - GMP Annual VAWG Recognition Event ref: 202301/06/202301/06/2023Not for call-in
PCC DN - APCC National Chaplaincy Service 2021/2022 & 2022/2023 ref: 202201/06/202301/06/2023Not for call-in
PCC DN - 12 month extension MoJ Victims Core Grant funding (tier 2 victims services) ref: 202126/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
PCC DN - Increased allocation for I am Greater campaign ref: 201826/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
GMCA Devolved Adult Education Budget - Academic Year 23/24 ref: 200809/06/202301/07/2023Call-in expired
Adult Skills Level 3 Targeted Offer ref: 199102/06/202302/06/2023Not for call-in
Acquisition of Bus Depot to support Bus Franchising ref: 199023/05/202323/05/2023Not for call-in
Armed Forces Covenant Delivery in Greater Manchester ref: 197626/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
Closure of Bridging Hotels for Afghan Refugees and the Impact of Wider Asylum-Migration Policymaking on Homelessness in Greater Manchester ref: 197726/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
GM Investment Framework, Conditional Project Approval ref: 198826/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
GM Housing Investment Loans Fund - Investment Approval Recommendations ref: 198926/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
GM Investment Framework, Conditional Project Approval ref: 198526/05/202307/06/2023Call-in expired
GM Housing Investment Loans Fund - Investment Approval Recommendations ref: 198626/05/202307/06/2023Call-in expired
Greater Manchester Active Travel Programme ref: 198426/05/202307/06/2023Call-in expired
Transport Capital Programme ref: 198326/05/202307/06/2023Call-in expired
Salford Partnership ref: 198226/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
GMCA Sustainability Strategy 2022-26 Update ref: 198126/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
Proposal for an Inclusive Ownership Platform to support community wealth building in Greater Manchester ref: 198026/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
Cost of Living and Economic Resilience ref: 197926/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
Social Housing Quality Fund - Item Withdrawn ref: 197826/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
GMCA Overview & Scrutiny Committee Task and Finish Report on Integrated Water Management ref: 197526/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
The Bee Network - Improving Greater Manchester's Transport Governance ref: 197426/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
Appointments to Greater Manchester Bodies ref: 197326/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
GMCA Overview & Scrutiny Committee Minutes - 22 March 2023 ref: 197226/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
GMCA Resources Committee Minutes - 24 March 2023 ref: 197126/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
EXCLUSION OF THE PRESS AND PUBLIC ref: 198726/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
Minutes of the GMCA meeting held on 24 March 2023 ref: 197026/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest ref: 196926/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
Chairs Announcements and Urgent Business ref: 196826/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in
Apologies ref: 196726/05/202326/05/2023Not for call-in