Officer and Mayoral decisions

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Officer decisions
Title Date
GM Brownfield Programme - further scheme allocation 20/05/2024
GMP DN - Secure Kenneling Leasing & Extension 16/05/2024
GMP DN - A1072 Office Furniture 16/05/2024
GMP DN - A1004, Rapid Video Response Solution. 16/05/2024
GMP DN - A1025 Detainee Clothing & Equipment 16/05/2024
Romaco Limited Additional Loan Facility 10/05/2024
Broughton House Loan Consolidation 10/05/2024
PCC DN - Facilitation of Gender Based Violence Lived Experience Panel Development Sessions 02/05/2024
PCC DN - GM RAOSSO Nightingale Programme 01/05/2024
PCC DN - Embedding Youth Voice into Child Centred Policing Workshop Event 01/05/2024
PCC DN- Custody Allocation Unit Review Event 01/05/2024
PCC DN - Contribution towards #WeStandTogether Affiliate Awards 01/05/2024
PCC DN - Conference attendance, Challenger 01/05/2024
Award Report for Greater Manchester Skills Bootcamps Wave 5: Cross Sector 29/04/2024
PCC DN - APCC annual subscription 27/04/2024
PCC DN - Catering by Partyline for Scotland VRU visit to GM VRU. 27/04/2024
PCC DN - Provision of IT audit services for PCC statutory requirements. 19/04/2024
PCC DN - Extension of the Victim Service Coordinator service 1st April 2024 – 31st March 2025 19/04/2024
PCC DN - Youth Justice Transformation Programme – Delivery Plan Support 17/04/2024
PCC DN - VRU Funding Award to Mandem Meetup 10/04/2024
PCC DN - 2023-24 Support Services costs to St Mary’s SARC for Victims of Rape and Sexual Assault in Greater Manchester 05/04/2024
PCC DN - Funding to support Perpetrator Intervention Infrastructure in the GM VCSE 05/04/2024
GMP DN - A0918. The Provision Of: Off Site Records Management and Associated Services 04/04/2024
PCC DN - Home Office Safer Streets Fund Round 5 – Greater Manchester Police 04/04/2024
PCC DN - Independent review of SARC CYP case management -Dr Alex Chard YCTCS 04/04/2024
PCC DN - Home Office Safer Streets Fund Round 5 – Transport for Greater Manchester 04/04/2024
PCC DN - Home Office Safer Streets Fund Round 5 – Transport for Greater Manchester. 27/03/2024
PCC DN - Regional OPCC Programme & Policy Manager Costs. 27/03/2024
PCC DN - Northwest and North Wales ICV Regional Conference – Saturday 21st September 24. 27/03/2024
PCC - Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Interventions 26/03/2024
PCC DN - Home Office Safer Streets Fund Round 5 – Bury Council 26/03/2024
PCC DN - Home Office Safer Streets Fund Round 5 – Bolton Council 26/03/2024
PCC DN - MOJ Additional IDVA/ISVA final allocation – January 24 until March 25 26/03/2024
PCC DN - Reward for Operation Helix 26/03/2024
GMP DN - A1011 Longsight Custody Suite Upgrade 26/03/2024
PCC DN - Nighttime Economy Welfare Scheme – Manchester Gay Village – Grant Agreement 21/03/2024
PCC DN - Wistia video hosting licences for GM Victims website and associated victims’ digital tools. 21/03/2024
PCC - Home Office Safer Streets Fund – GMP Op Student Safe Vehicle 20/03/2024
PCC DN - GBV - Development of Communities of Practice 20/03/2024
PCC DN - Travel for VRU Victims Lead March 2024 13/03/2024
PCC DN - Programme Challenger Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Place of Safety 13/03/2024
PCC DN - Funding for the Crimestoppers national Anti-Corruption and Abuse Reporting Service 13/03/2024
PCC DN - Funding in Support of the Co-ordination of Road Safety Programmes across Greater Manchester. 13/03/2024
PCC DN - Funding for Surron Electric Motorcycles 13/03/2024
PCC DN - Your Choice- Wigan CBT Pilot 13/03/2024
PCC DN - Venue Hire and Catering for GM Victims Services Partnership event 13.03.24 13/03/2024