Officer and Mayoral decisions

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Officer decisions
Title Date
GMCA & TfGM - Reinstatement of Bus Network (2) 27/05/2020
Reinstatement of the Bus Network 22/05/2020
Reinstatement of Bus Network 22/05/2020
Devolved Adult Education Budget – allocation of additional funding to providers who have submitted successful Growth Cases, for activity that responds to skills gaps in GM LIS sectors 05/05/2020
Mayors Cycling C&W Challenge Fund 05/05/2020
Approval of the recent prioritisation exercise for the Mayor’s Cycling and Walking Challenge Fund (MCF), approve the 2020/21 MCF programme management budget and approve £0.1 million MCF funding for the GM Visually Impaired Design Commission. 05/05/2020
Local Growth Deal – Funding Approvals 27/04/2020
GM Housing Investment Loans Fund / City Deal Receipts – Investment Approvals 24/04/2020
Household Waste Recycling Centres 23/04/2020