Officer and Mayoral decisions

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Officer decisions
Title Date
Delivery of works to remediate the drainage at GMCA Bredbury Landfill Site. 27/07/2022
Domestic Homicide Review – learning event 01/07/2022
Publication of the independent assurance review into safeguarding practices in Oldham report 13/07/2022
ndemnity for LQC’s as Chair of Police Misconduct Hearings and Independent Panel Members. 13/07/2022
GMP Site, Chester Road, Trafford 13/06/2022
Decision Notice for Windows 10 Client Services Full Business Case 18/07/2022
Programme Challenger funding 30/05/2022
Extension of the Victim Service Coordinator service from 1st April 2022 to 30th September 2022 30/05/2022
Revolving Doors : Lived Experience input to GM Integrated Rehabilitation Services 30/05/2022
2022/23 Local Safeguarding Childrens Board & Local Safeguarding Adults Boards 22/06/2022
Decision Notice for A0877, Replacement DIU/CCTV Case Management System 09/06/2022
For the provision of a Greater Manchester Integrated Rehabilitation Services Personal Wellbeing – Pilot of the Welfare Service 30/05/2022
HMPPS Additional Funding Allocation 2021/22 30/05/2022
Trauma Informed, Wellbeing Project 25/05/2022
Force Contact Centre (FCC) Future Structure - Investment 29/03/2022