Officer and Mayoral decisions

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Officer decisions
Title Date
GMP DN - A1025 Detainee Clothing & Equipment 16/05/2024
GMP DN - A1004, Rapid Video Response Solution. 16/05/2024
GMP DN - A1072 Office Furniture 16/05/2024
GMP DN - Secure Kenneling Leasing & Extension 16/05/2024
GM Brownfield Programme - further scheme allocation 20/05/2024
PCC DN - Conference attendance, Challenger 01/05/2024
PCC DN - Contribution towards #WeStandTogether Affiliate Awards 01/05/2024
PCC DN- Custody Allocation Unit Review Event 01/05/2024
PCC DN - Embedding Youth Voice into Child Centred Policing Workshop Event 01/05/2024
PCC DN - Facilitation of Gender Based Violence Lived Experience Panel Development Sessions 02/05/2024
Broughton House Loan Consolidation 10/05/2024
Romaco Limited Additional Loan Facility 10/05/2024
Award Report for Greater Manchester Skills Bootcamps Wave 5: Cross Sector 29/04/2024