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Greater Manchester Combined Authority, 2024

The Forward Plan is a published list of the key decisions which are due to be taken by the:

• Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA);

• Greater Manchester Elected Mayor;

• Joint GMCA & AGMA Executive Board;

• Transport for Greater Manchester Committee;

• GMCA Resources Committee;

• GMCA’s Waste & Recycling Committee;

• Key decisions delegated to officers

These decisions must be published on the Register at least 28 clear days before the decision is to be taken, whether in public or private. The Register is updated at least once a month.

This Register of Key Decisions has been prepared in accordance with Combined Authorities (Overview and Scrutiny Committees, Access to Information and Audit Committees) Order 2017 (‘the Order’).

The Register is published on the GMCA’s website and hard copies are available at the offices of:

Greater Manchester Combined Authority & Greater Manchester Mayor Churchgate House Oxford Street Manchester M1 6EU