Attendance summary

Explanation of the statistics columns

The number of meetings that the councillor was expected to attend in their capacity as member of that committee.
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in their capacity as member of that committee.
In attendance
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in a capacity other than committee member, for example a voluntary attendance out of personal interest for a topic being discussed.
Councillor Expected Present In attendance
Councillor Stephen Adsheadn/an/an/a
Councillor Rabnawaz Akbarn/an/an/a
Councillor Akilah Akinolan/an/an/a
Councillor Sam Al-Hamdanin/an/an/a
Councillor Mark Aldredn/an/an/a
Councillor Daalat Alin/an/an/a
Councillor Shaukat Alin/an/an/a
Councillor Mohammed Alyasn/an/an/a
Councillor Kevin Andersonn/an/an/a
Councillor Paul Andrewsn/an/an/a
Councillor Jill Axfordn/an/an/a
Councillor Mohammed Ayubn/an/an/a
Councillor Damian Baileyn/an/an/a
Councillor Susan Bainesn/an/an/a
Councillor Samantha Bellamyn/an/an/a
Councillor Russell Bernsteinn/an/an/a
Councillor Tom Besfordn/an/an/a
Councillor Liam Billingtonn/an/an/a
Councillor Nathan Borodan/an/an/a
Councillor Chris Boyesn/an/an/a
Councillor Laura Boylen/an/an/a
Councillor Warren Brayn/an/an/a
Councillor Norman Briggsn/an/an/a
Councillor Barry Brothertonn/an/an/a
Councillor Barbara Brownridgen/an/an/a
Councillor Phil Burken/an/an/a
GM Mayor Andy Burnhamn/an/an/a
Councillor Kate Butlern/an/an/a
Councillor Dylan Buttn/an/an/a
Councillor Shazia Buttn/an/an/a
Councillor Karina Cartern/an/an/a
Councillor Amanda Chaddertonn/an/an/a
Councillor Zahid Chauhann/an/an/a
Councillor Angie Clarkn/an/an/a
Councillor Wendy Cocksn/an/an/a
Councillor Stephen Coenn/an/an/a
Councillor Ron Conwayn/an/an/a
Councillor Gerald Cooneyn/an/an/a
Councillor Michael Cordingleyn/an/an/a
Councillor Martyn Coxn/an/an/a
Councillor Bev Craign/an/an/a
Councillor Clare Cummingsn/an/an/a
Councillor Keith Cunliffen/an/an/a
Councillor Peter Davisn/an/an/a
Councillor Mudasir Deann/an/an/a
Councillor Ashley Dearnleyn/an/an/a
City Mayor Paul Dennettn/an/an/a
Councillor Doreen Dickinsonn/an/an/a
Councillor Stuart Dickmann/an/an/a
Councillor Roy Drivern/an/an/a
Councillor Ray Duttonn/an/an/a
Councillor Neil Emmottn/an/an/a
Councillor Susan Emmottn/an/an/a
Councillor Janet Emsleyn/an/an/a
Councillor Nathan Evansn/an/an/a
Councillor Eleanor Willsn/an/an/a
Councillor Hilary Faircloughn/an/an/a
Councillor Bill FairFoulln/an/an/a
Councillor Ummrana Farooqn/an/an/a
Councillor John Farrelln/an/an/a
Councillor Leanne Feeleyn/an/an/a
Councillor Andrea Finneyn/an/an/a
Councillor Colin Fostern/an/an/a
Councillor Helen Foster-Grimen/an/an/a
Councillor Mike Freemann/an/an/a
Councillor Anne Gallowayn/an/an/a
Councillor Susan Gamblesn/an/an/a
Councillor Karen Garridon/an/an/a
Councillor Robin Garridon/an/an/a
Councillor Hazel Glostern/an/an/a
Councillor Mike Glovern/an/an/a
Councillor Mandie Shilton Godwinn/an/an/a
Councillor Richard Goldn/an/an/a
Councillor Steve Gribbonn/an/an/a
Councillor Joan Grimshawn/an/an/a
Councillor Allison Gwynnen/an/an/a
Councillor Jackie Harrisn/an/an/a
Councillor Stuart Hartigann/an/an/a
Councillor Stuart Haslamn/an/an/a
Councillor Naeem Hassann/an/an/a
Councillor Susan Haworthn/an/an/a
Councillor Martin Hayesn/an/an/a
Councillor Kieran Heakinn/an/an/a
Councillor Toby Hewittn/an/an/a
Councillor Barrie Hollandn/an/an/a
Councillor Lynne Hollandn/an/an/a
Councillor Keith Hollowayn/an/an/a
Councillor Michael Hollyn/an/an/a
Councillor Linda Holtn/an/an/a
Councillor Trevor Holtn/an/an/a
Councillor Stephen Homern/an/an/a
Deputy Mayor Beverley Hughesn/an/an/a
Councillor George Hulmen/an/an/a
Councillor Ann-Marie Humphreysn/an/an/a
Councillor Catherine Hynesn/an/an/a
Councillor Lee-Ann Igbonn/an/an/a
Councillor Abdul Jabbarn/an/an/a
Councillor Rabiya Jivan/an/an/a
Councillor Roger Jonesn/an/an/a
Councillor Tracy Kellyn/an/an/a
Councillor Jim Kingn/an/an/a
Councillor David Lancastern/an/an/a
Councillor John Leechn/an/an/a
Councillor Ari Leitnern/an/an/a
Councillor Sophie Lindenn/an/an/a
Councillor Colin MacAlistern/an/an/a
Councillor Paul Maidenn/an/an/a
Councillor Adam Marshn/an/an/a
Councillor Joanne Marshalln/an/an/a
Councillor Mike McCuskern/an/an/a
Councillor John McGahann/an/an/a
Councillor Tom McGeen/an/an/a
Councillor Colin McLarenn/an/an/a
Councillor David Mellern/an/an/a
Councillor John Merryn/an/an/a
Councillor Joanna Midgleyn/an/an/a
Councillor Mussadak Mirzan/an/an/a
Councillor Janet Mobbsn/an/an/a
Councillor David Molyneuxn/an/an/a
Councillor Andrew Morgann/an/an/a
Councillor Charlotte Morrisn/an/an/a
Councillor Tom Morrisonn/an/an/a
Councillor Nadim Muslimn/an/an/a
Councillor Kallum Nolann/an/an/a
Councillor Dzidra Noorn/an/an/a
Councillor Eamonn O'Brienn/an/an/a
Councillor John O'Brienn/an/an/a
Councillor Diane Parkinsonn/an/an/a
Councillor Elizabeth Pateln/an/an/a
Councillor Adrian Pearcen/an/an/a
Councillor Kevin Peeln/an/an/a
Councillor Amanda Peersn/an/an/a
Councillor Tim Pickstonen/an/an/a
Councillor Paul Prescottn/an/an/a
Councillor Kevin Proctern/an/an/a
Councillor Alan Quinnn/an/an/a
Councillor Luthfur Rahmann/an/an/a
Councillor Tracey Rawlinsn/an/an/a
Councillor Nazia Rehmann/an/an/a
Councillor Gina Reynoldsn/an/an/a
Councillor Charles Rigbyn/an/an/a
Councillor Samuel Rimmern/an/an/a
Councillor Christine Robertsn/an/an/a
Councillor Hannah Robertsn/an/an/a
Councillor Linda Robinsonn/an/an/a
Councillor Peter Robinsonn/an/an/a
Councillor Sara Rowbothamn/an/an/a
Councillor Sarah Russelln/an/an/a
Councillor David Sedgwickn/an/an/a
Councillor Becky Seniorn/an/an/a
Councillor Arooj Shahn/an/an/a
Councillor Jane Slatern/an/an/a
Councillor Eunice Smethurstn/an/an/a
Councillor Michael Smithn/an/an/a
Councillor Susan Smithn/an/an/a
Councillor Teresa Smithn/an/an/a
Councillor Terrance Smithn/an/an/a
Councillor Greg Stantonn/an/an/a
Councillor Angeliki Stogian/an/an/a
Councillor Patricia Sullivann/an/an/a
Councillor Howard Sykesn/an/an/a
Councillor Tamoor Tariqn/an/an/a
Councillor Elaine Taylorn/an/an/a
Councillor Emma Taylorn/an/an/a
Councillor John Taylorn/an/an/a
Councillor Sophie Taylorn/an/an/a
Councillor Andrea Taylor-Burken/an/an/a
Councillor Yasmin Toorn/an/an/a
Councillor Debra Wailesn/an/an/a
Councillor Paula Wakefieldn/an/an/a
Councillor Fred Walkern/an/an/a
Councillor John Walshn/an/an/a
Councillor Barry Warnern/an/an/a
Councillor Adele Warrenn/an/an/a
Councillor Brenda Warringtonn/an/an/a
Councillor Shah Wazirn/an/an/a
Councillor Jude Wellsn/an/an/a
Councillor Ruth Welshn/an/an/a
Councillor Andrew Westernn/an/an/a
Councillor Tim Whistonn/an/an/a
Councillor Mary Whitbyn/an/an/a
Councillor Gavin Whiten/an/an/a
Councillor Graham Whithamn/an/an/a
Councillor Wendy Wildn/an/an/a
Councillor Steve Williamsn/an/an/a
Councillor Elise Wilsonn/an/an/a
Councillor Michael Winstanleyn/an/an/a
Councillor James Wrightn/an/an/a
Councillor Matt Wynnen/an/an/a
Councillor Akhtar Zamann/an/an/a