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Decisions published

30/06/2023 - GMP DN - A0981 Mobile Voice and Data ref: 2209    Recommendations Approved

GMP currently procures its mobile voice and data services through A0417 Network Managed Services. That contract allows GMP access to any other better tariff offered by BT without penalty. RM6261 offers GMP savings of approximately £300K per annum on the current billing, with no detriment to the service. The NMS contract could be extended up to 2026. It is recommended that we award a new contract to BT on a 3+1+1+1 basis using CCS RM6261 lot 1. This enables GMP to reduce billing over the term in comparison to if we remained on the NMS contract. It also locks in savings for longer if GMP requires it.
An additional option in the framework is to purchase mobile phones with the cost spread over 3 years at no additional cost. This may provide further cashable savings

Decision Maker: Treasurer GMCA

Decision published: 27/09/2023

Effective from: 30/06/2023


The Deputy Mayor approves the award of a 3 Year contract for Mobile Voice and Data, to BT PLC using the Crown Commercial Services Framework RM6261 lot 1, with an option to extend for up to 3 years. The likely value of 6 year spend would be circa £6.9 million which includes voice and data services and an option for a mobile phone refresh.

Lead officer: Lisa Lees

19/09/2023 - Agreement for the provision of Insights and Analytics ‘Enterprise Data Warehouse’ Service required for Bus Franchising ref: 2208    Recommendations Approved

This is a supporting service required for Bus Franchising as delegated in the key decision of the GMCA on the 28 May 2021 and is required to support the operation of the Franchised bus services from September 2023.

Decision Maker: Chief Executive Officer GMCA & TfGM

Decision published: 19/09/2023

Effective from: 19/09/2023


To enter into a commercial agreement for the provision of an Insight and Analytics Enterprise Data Warehouse Service Agreement for an initial period of 12 months at a contract value of £909,041. The contract has an option to extend for a further 12 months. The agreement is in the form of a Call-Off Contract entered into pursuant to the G-Cloud 13 Framework. Further details are set out in the Part B report appended.

Lead officer: Nicola Ward

14/09/2023 - Approval of UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) scheme for SME workspace in Bury following successful review and due diligence and award of £1,270,423 of UKSPF. ref: 2207    Recommendations Approved

In January 2023, GMCA approved grant awards of UKSPF for 8 SME workspace proposals in Greater Manchester. The report also identified other schemes that required review and due diligence before progressing. This was delegated to the GMCA Chief Executive, Monitoring Officer and Treasurer.

Following further development one of those schemes, Radcliffe Enterprise Centre has now passed the threshold for UKSPF grant funding and using the delegated powers set out in the GMCA report of January 2023, GMCA’s Chief Executive is content to approve UKSPF grant funding of up to £1,270,423 for the Radcliffe Enterprise Centre to create SME workspace.

Decision Maker: Chief Executive Officer GMCA & TfGM

Decision published: 15/09/2023

Effective from: 23/09/2023


The proposal for SME workspace at Radcliffe Enterprise Centre in Bury is awarded £1,270,423 of Greater Manchester’s UKSPF to support Local Business under UKSPF priority E22.

Lead officer: Nicola Ward